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We are a commercial nursery and during the bloom season have enough trained staff to wait on 100+ customers a day. We are always open to serve our valued customers!



Daylily Haven Gardens, Inc. is located in Milwaukee, WI. We have been growing daylilies for several years for the wholesale nursery industry. While doing this we added a large number of the higher quality daylily cultivars to our inventory. We are offering these daylilies to the retail customer and are excited about the prospects of adding even more varieties to this collection. All the plants have been growing in the ground for at least one winter. We do not buy plants to resell. We would like to encourage you to give us a call if there is any question about plants or our company. The size that is listed for each variety is the minimum you will receive.

400k+ Satisfied Customers

Beautiful plants, good prices, excellent service. Best plant place in Oakridge Farm Lane, Milwaukee. Lela Casey

Fantastic! For many years we have visited Daylily Haven Gardens. I recommend this place to all. Paula Shelton

Our Mission

To provide the finest lilies, carefully chosen for quality, at the best prices. We take pride in our “Best Lily” which we are justly famous for. Over 20 years of experience and a professional background in horticulture prepares us to deliver super lilies to you with a guarantee of viability!

Growing Daylilies


A well-drained soil rich in organic material with a pH between 6 and 7 is recommended. Sandy soils need to be amended with compost, peat, ground up branches, good top soil, manure, or other available organic material. The more the Double Buttercupbetter. Adding up to 10% clay is an excellent sandy soil amendment if it is available. Mix the added materials with a garden fork to the depth of the fork. Spending time and money on your soil is always a good investment.


During active growth one to two inches of rain or irrigation per week produces the greatest number of flowers and rapid plant increase. Conserve water usage with an organic soil (organic soil needs 1 inch per week while a more sandy soil needs up to two inches per week water) and/or applying several inches of a leaf or pine needle mulch.


Have your garden soil tested to determine exactly what elements are needed. The Cooperative Extension Service office in your county will do soil tests for a modest fee. Use a time release fertilizer with micronutrients in the fall and again in spring when blooms begin. A handful per plant spread around the base is enough. The numbers on the bag represent N (nitrogen), P (phosphorous), and K (potassium). Since phosphorous is naturally abundant in most WI soils it is wise to purchase.

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