We had a very strange weekend. In keeping with that theme the first article for this week will explore some very strange looking plants that you may want to include in your garden.

Solanum mammosum is the botanical term for a very strange looking plant indeed. It is also known as the nipple-fruit, titty-fruit, cow’s udder, and Apple of Sodom. They can grow to over 1m tall in frost-free areas of Australia, and although they are quite rare, they can be picked up in some florists. A close relative to the tomato, it is also reputed to have medicinal uses from athlete’s foot, to irritability and restlessness, and it is also sometimes used as a detergent.

Kalanchoe is an unusual looking plant, with bronze tinted leaves resembling spoons. It is thus sometimes called ‘copper spoons’ as a nickname. It can grow to 1m tall, but if grown in Australia one should water in the cooler months and protect from frost.

Aeonium tabuliforme is a native to the canary islands. It has flat rosettes that can reach 25-30cm in diameter, and they prefer shaded positions inch the garden, with light, well-drained potting mix or soil. An unusual little plant if ever there was one!

Asclepias asperula. To finish off, I have included another fascinating plant called asclepias asperula, or ‘antelope horns’. It is a species of milkweed native to the United States, and Mexico. It’s clustered greenish-yellow flowers have maroon highlights, and I included it because I love flowers that cluster.