Daylily Haven Gardens, Inc. is located in Milwaukee, WI. We have been growing daylilies for several years for the wholesale nursery industry. While doing this we added a large number of the higher quality daylily cultivars to our inventory. We are offering these daylilies to the retail customer and are excited about the prospects of adding even more varieties to this collection. All the plants have been growing in the ground for at least one winter. We do not buy plants to resell. We would like to encourage you to give us a call if there is any question about plants or our company. The size that is listed for each variety is the minimum you will receive.
We do our best to keep our web site updated but please check with us on availabilty. We have over 1800 cultivars but some are extremely limited in supply. Please let us know if you happen to find any errors in information. We reserve the right to correct all errors.

Shipping and ordering information is contained on Order Info page. We dig the same day we ship and we package our daylilies the same way we grow them – with care! All plants have been bloom checked prior to sale. Unless noted otherwise, by S (single fan) you will receive a double fan. If it is outside our normal shipping period, we will be glad to flag and hold it for you until your scheduled shipment date. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us immediately.

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Contact us to the address below to know more about us.
659 Oakridge Farm Lane, Milwaukee, WI 53202
+1- 262-384-7651

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